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08/21/15 02:37 PM #1    

Charles (Mike) Ross


You mean there were Two of you ?  Wow, I thought you just got around a lot.. The other name was just a cover..















10/14/18 08:45 PM #2    

Patsy Clark (Bowman)

I will miss Myra even though I haven't seen her since graduation.  I have thought of her through the years belting out Kate Smith's "God Bless America" and the half time song "Sippin Cider Through a Straw."  I'll not forget her.


11/19/21 02:32 PM #3    


Keith Joyner

I'm sure many of you remember Mr. Gault, assistant principal and physics teacher. I had written him a note earlier and received this from his daughter on 11/19/21:
I am Joe Gault's daughter, Susan. I hope this email finds you well and reaches you in time. I have been going through Dad's things for a while now, and one thing I came across was a letter from you from a few years ago. My brothers and I are trying to locate as many people as we can to let everyone know about Dad. After a long, diligent battle with his aging body, Dad finally left us on Nov. 11. We are having a drop-in at our house this coming Sunday from 1-5pm. I see the return address is Texas so I doubt you'll be able to make it, but if you are in touch with anyone else from the class of '64, please let them know. Dad loved his profession and his students, and I know he'd love for some of the RHHS alums to visit.
Thanks for keeping in touch with him. If you need any more information, you are welcome to reply to this email or reach out to me at 864-680-7444.

03/25/23 09:02 PM #4    

Bobbitt Lyle (Smith)

I got a message from Joe Grant that Donna Fourman Grant passed away on March 11, 2023. Here's the obit: https://www.greenefuneralhome.net/obituary/donna-grant/.  Donna and I had a lot of happy times together. I hate getting old. 

08/21/23 08:52 AM #5    

Bill Neely

Bill and Tena Neely

Tena and I were privileged to attend Linda Evans Moore's funeral on Sunday.  What a beautiful service it was to honor Linda and of course Bert.  Linda's motto was Bloom where you are planted.  The church was packed maybe over a thousand people attended all to honor her and the Godly woman that she is and was.  We were unable to stay and chat with Bert but will reach out this week.  I am sure he will appreciate cards and letters that will remind him of day gone by.  What a beautifu couple and we in the class of 64 were so lucky to have them with us.  God bless Bert and family and all of the class of 64.


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